Monthly Archives: August 2008

A page curling tip

Some have asked how to do the page curl effect for the figures in the article I wrote for Smashing Magazine, which included figures with page curls.

The answer is Veerle’s tutorial.

There is one extra tip I’d like to offer.

In Step 2 of Veerle’s directions, she states the following:

“Since this curl doesn’t show the back of our photo, it doesn’t really look realistic. The only way I’m aware of to achieve this effect is that we draw it ourself. Select the Pen tool from the Toolbox and draw a path on top of the picture. Follow the borders of the curl you just transformed as guidance. …”

Emphasis mine.

Tracing the curl with the Pen tool can be difficult when the contrast between the curled edge and the ‘facing’ edge of the photo is too faint. For instance, if you went through the tutorial with a blank beige square, your progress as you get to step 2 may look like this:

Stage 1: Drawing the marquee

Stage 2: Select to warp

Stage 3: Drag the corner

Stage 4: Hit enter

Uh-oh! Now what do we trace to make the curl? You can make it up if you’re so inclined, but if you want a guide to trace, do the following:

  1. Take a screen grab just before you hit enter.
  2. Press enter to commit your warp.
  3. Paste in your screen grab over your working page layer.
  4. Change the opacitiy of the screen grab layer so you can line it up with the layer underneath.
  5. Now you should have guides to draw your curl.

Once you’ve drawn your curl with the pen tool, you can trash the layer and go about the other steps in Veerle’s tutorial to finish out the effect.