Alan asks the CSS Guy what I use for CSS editing

Alan asks:

What software do you use for CSS editing?

I use BBEdit. When I was on a PC, I used Homesite. At the root of it, I just need some color coding and line numbers to keep me sane, but the extra features of BBEdit, like the grep search, can come in handy.

I use those not just for CSS, but for HTML as well. I have found that it fits my work flow best.

I remember when Dreamweaver started supported CSS in preview mode, and quickly requested that my employer purchase it. After a few weeks, I realized that it wasn’t getting the job done. I like to see how my changes affect different browsers, and Dreamweaver’s preview pane can’t do that. Plus, I find it’s just as easy to switch from text editor to browser as it is to switch from coding view to preview mode on Dreamweaver. (Split view? No thanks.)

For a while I used TopStyle as well, and for the same reasons that I stopped using Dreamweaver, I eventually abandoned it.

On the rare occasions I need to make a complicated table, I use Dreamweaver.

I see new things come out, like TextMate, and more recently, Coda, and wonder if it would be worth the jump. I intend to try TextMate soon, but will probably not use Coda for the same reasons mentioned above. (I like playing with their web page, though.)

So, to add to my answer, I use BBEdit and various browsers.

I had a tough time getting IE7 to browse local files, so I enabled the Mac’s apache web server and keep most of my projects within browsable directories. That way all browsers can get to it. The webserver also comes in handy when playing with AJAX, as you can’t just browse a local file and have the the xmlhttprequest object work (found that out the hard way – rookie mistake).

So, to be even more complete, I use BBEdit, various browsers, Parallels, and Apache. Hope that helps.

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@Lasse and Simon:
It sounds like I should give CSSEdit a look.