I’m redoing previous articles to use jQuery, you know, just for fun

I like using the jQuery library so much, I started converting my old article examples to use it. I thought it would be interesting to see how much less scripting I would have to write. (A little less, but not much – my examples were never heavy on the scripting anyway). I think it made some more readable, too, in that I can glance at the script code and tell what’s going on.

Here’s a list of what I have converted so far, with a downloadable zip.

The obligatory disclaimer – using any library’s methods is no substitute for learning JavaScript basics. If you haven’t already added JavaScript to your list of things to learn as a web designer, stop mucking around and pick up Jeremy Keith’s DOM Scripting.

For a seasoned html/css person, learning jQuery is arguably much easier than learning JavaScript from scratch, since its selector syntax is based on CSS selectors. Since I’m the CSS Guy, it is my library of choice, but only when a library is needed. Some pages require so little DOM manipulation that self-written functions easily fit the bill, as well as saving some downloaded bits.

On a related note, someone turned my favicon article example into a jQuery plugin.