Monetizing your code

I’ve toyed with offering affiliate links to Theme Forest from this site in the past. But since the people who typically visit my site tend to design and markup their own, it didn’t seem worth it (and the click-through numbers supported that). If anything, readers of this site would be on the selling end rather than the purchasing end.

Now I see that the same family of sites is offering Code Canyon, a marketplace for code, which also seems to fit the readers of my site (once again, the selling end rather than the purchasing). And if you aren’t the kind of person who sells their designs and themes, perhaps you are the type of person who would be interested in monetizing your javascript image gallery, or your php contact form, or whatever. It appears you can do that at (Disclaimer: Yes, I’m using my affiliate link, although it doesn’t really help me that much if you are a seller, so maybe you want to buy something, too? Go ahead, look around :) ).

I wonder if the quality of some of the things sold here are much better than what you can find in the jQuery plug-in repositories and free php tutorials. Are you any of you out there buying these things? Are any of you selling? If so, how’s it going?