The CSS Guy Facts

Chuck Norris became a living legend the day Chuck Norris facts hit the Internet. Maybe if I start a list of larger-than-life ‘facts’ about my xhtml and css prowess, I’ll become one, too, and possibly be a story book hero for your nerdy great-grandchildren.

  • The CSS Guy has created many online forms, but has never completed one, as he refuses to “Submit” to anybody or anything.
  • The CSS Guy once escaped from a deserted island on a raft he built using only a transparent spacer gif and some javascript.
  • Most secure sites require SSL digital certificates and firewalls. All the CSS Guy needs is “Coded by the CSS Guy” in the footer.
  • The CSS Guy once took a dump on a keyboard, and it validated as XHTML 1.0 Strict.
  • The blink tag was originally created because the Internet lost a staring competition to the CSS Guy.
  • The CSS Guy’s web browser doesn’t just accept cookies, it demands them.
  • The CSS Guy does not use search engines. Instead, all information on the Internet seeks out the CSS Guy.
  • When the CSS Guy was in grade school, his crayons were labeled in hexadecimal.

I tried to wrap this post in a <roundhousekick> tag, but my browser couldn’t handle it.