Troubleshooting with <base>

As powerful as Firebug is for inserting HTML and CSS on the fly, sometimes you just want to save a local version of the page so that HTML manipulation can be saved and tested across browsers.

I just wanted to share a tip on how easy this is to do. Right click, view source, and save it as an html file. If you’re lucky, the page will load right up, bringing in the CSS/JavaScript files that’s being used on its original domain.

For some sites, you have to give a little guidance. Like today, I went to, viewed and saved the html source. You can view the result here.

Yuck, it’s missing styles. That’s not what we wanted.

But by inserting a little code in head, we can grab everything the page uses from the site. After the opening head tag, insert the following:

<base href="" />

and then resave the file. View the result, and you should see the page just as it is meant to be seen at its original address.

I can modify my local copy to my heart’s content, putting new or modified CSS in style tags until I have it just right, then commit the changes to something more permanent. I use this all the time when troubleshooting defects, especially when needing to see how inserting some new element in the HTML will affect IE. Hopefully, it will help some of you, too.

And note that the example might work for today, but if they ever redesign, this article’s example won’t mean jack. I apologize in advance.

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