What’s with the candy apples?

When creating this blog, I imagined to get CSS questions directed to me. The main question I’ve gotten so far is, “What’s with the candy apples?” I guess if you’re going to ask the CSS guy a question, I better answer it, even if it isn’t CSS-related.

Ask the CSS Guy's logo that featured candy apples

The site is going for a carnival theme. If we were at a real carnival, maybe between the booth where a guy guesses your weight and the trailer with the bearded lady, you’d have me waiting to tackle some CSS stumpers. Call me a geek, but I find figuring out CSS solutions fun. I also find it fun to start a fresh new blog for a while. It’s about as fun, you might say, as going to the fair. So I think the theme fits right in.

Not long after I created this blog I knew I had to get away from the Movable Type default template. I asked JD to help me come up with a design, and he came back with a photoshop document of much of what you see here. Not only was I happy to get away from the default Movable Type template, but I was excited to move towards a design that seemed so fresh. Much appreciation, JD.

So among many things that you might see at the fair are candy apples, and I found an image of some candy apples that could help decorate my new home. At the fair, you may also see ferris wheels, ‘ring-the-bell’ games, among other things. As this site progresses, you might see images of those things here, too.

So keep the questions coming. I’m happy to answer them. (BTW, I do relationship advice, too. )