Baseball Card Image Captions with CSS and JavaScript (Near-Mint)

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If you view source on this page, you'll see that the images on the first row and second row below are referencing the same source, but the top row has class="donruss" and class="topps" applied to the images. Because I'm using png files instead of transparent gif files, this technique is lost on IE6.

Download the zip that contains all images, js, and CSS.

Top Row:

<img src="dave.jpg" class="donruss" alt="" title="Dave Letterman" />
<img src="johnny.jpg" class="topps" alt="" title="Johnny Carson" />

Bottom Row:

<img src="dave.jpg" alt="" title="Dave Letterman" />
<img src="johnny.jpg" alt="" title="Johnny Carson" />

Images with a class applied (class="donruss" and class="topps"):

Images without a class applied: